Repairs and Appraisals

Posted on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 6:16 pm by Leslie

Our experienced and skilled goldsmiths repair everything from a simple broken clasp to the restoration of an heirloom of great monetary and/or sentimental value that may be broken into several pieces. When a piece is brought in needing repair, it is reviewed to evaluate the condition of the piece and the extent of the needed repair. No repair is ever made without authorization from our client.

Pearl and bead stringing is also available. Pearls can be strung into necklaces or bracelets, with a variety of clasps, dividers, and accents that can make the piece as classic or contemporary as each client wishes. Watch, as Grandma's pearls take on a new life!

Gemstones can be recut to repair chips and nicks that occur with everyday wear. Old style stones can be recut into a more modern style, and the stone is often more beautiful and more valuable.

We do appraisals for both insurance and estate valuations. To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, we charge by the piece without regard to the value of the jewelry. When doing an estate valuation, we will sit with the client and help you sort through all of the jewelry, separating the costume pieces from the 'fine' jewelry. Often, people are so overwhelmed by this task, that jewelry sits in boxes for years without anyone knowing what to do next. After going through all the jewelry, a written appraisal is created that will satisfy any legal or other obligations.

Insurance valuations are done for retail replacement value. These should be done every five to seven years to make sure that your jewelry is not over or under insured as the world market changes.