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Marc Bruno


Leslie has an outstanding sense of design and creativity which allows her to pick the best items for her showroom and to help you with ideas. She is helpful and not pushy, which is great as you are trying to find that something special for your loved one. I found a great necklace for my wife and a nice Wenger watch for myself. My wife loved my choice [really Leslie's but I took the credit] and I wear my watch almost everyday.

You can't go wrong with Leslie she truly will be my "Jeweler for life."



Leslie is AMAZING! If you're looking for an engagement ring/wedding band, LOOK NO FURTHER. Somehow fate brought me to her one day when I attended a marketing expo for my work. I sat down with her at lunch and we talked about datings apps, etc and I remember she had told me she was the best gemologist in the area and she was appointment only and she was leaving for Belgium the next day to look for diamonds. At the time wasn't even dating anybody, but asked for her business card as I enjoy networking.

Fast forward a couple months later, I started dating my husband, and it became serious very quick. We went to the local mall to look at rings but weren't impressed with any of the rings and prices and cheesy sales pitches. And then I remembered I had Leslie's business card.

I emailed Leslie and immediately she remembered who I was and we set up a meeting at her house. My husband and I drove to her house, where she has her living room converted into an area where you can browse all sorts of settings and mountings, etc. I kept trying on a bunch of different rings and shapes and finally we fell in love with a pear shaped cut and a rose gold band.

My husband went on separate trip to pick out the final diamond with Leslie and she was so helpful with educating him on all aspects of picking out a diamond. She also was so fair with working with his budget and showing him options that were actual feasible for him to buy, but nonetheless BEAUTIFUL.

Now, I may be biased but I truly think my ring is one-of-a-kind and GORGEOUS. I can't tell you how many times random strangers compliment me on how beautiful my ring is. (usually cashiers, when I'm at the checkout line). I had one person tell me that it was the most beautiful ring they had ever seen!

We were so pleased with Leslie, that we also bought both of our wedding bands from her as well.

Just like her website- she will be my jeweler for life :)

Kyle B


It couldn't have gone better! She loved the ring and turns out it was what she had secretly picked out. Thank you again for the great service and product.

Rhoda S. mother of the groom


He finally proposed and she said yes. The internet is abuzz with the beauty of the ring. Thank you!

Brittany M.


Love, love my new ring and the wine and the chocolate! Thank you!

Kelly Fitzgerald


...just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for my beautiful ring that Kris purchased! You guys did a great job and I am beyond happy and stunned

Liza L


I loved all the pieces that you helped Michael pick out. Thank you for making him look good as a gift giver and me look good when wearing them

Marianne V


I love wearing my ring and find myself looking down at it often. The yellow sapphire is beautiful in my mother-in-law's setting. Thank you for your suggestions and selections.

Kyndall Douglas


I went to Leslie at a difficult time in my life. I needed to sell some jewelry and was having a hard time coming to grips with my decision. Leslie was patient and kind. She understood my position and made me feel comfortable. She brokered the deal without questions or judgement and did it quickly. I appreciated her professionalism and would not hesitate to purchase from her in the future.

A. J. Schuler, Psy. D


Leslie did a great job helping me sort through some jewelry from an estate. I know little to nothing about valuing these items, and needed someone I could trust to sort through the items to assess what have value and help me determine what to sell, and where. She was passionate, knowledgeable and very sensitive to the wider context of the work we were doing - going through my mother's lifetime of jewelry. I highly recommend working with her.

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Deb Autor

February 10, 2019

Working with Leslie is an absolute pleasure. She is patient, helpful, and creative. We converted an old men's ring into a gorgeous diamond pendant. The ring would have sat in a drawer forever. I'll wear the necklace all the time! You can't find a better jewelry experience anywhere else.

Elise Wilson

March 3, 2019

Leslie was so professional and very helpful. Going through my mom's jewelry was very painful and she was so great and sensitive when telling us how to go through and determine what to keep and what not to. And then having two pieces made into one was the best and when we picked it up it was so beautiful I was speechless. Thank you for everything leslie

Aaron Sacks

September 6, 2018

Leslie could not have done a better job educating me about the different options. When I first bought an engagement ring last year, she spent a good chunk of the afternoon educating me on exactly what to look for in a diamond so I could pick the perfect one she would love. Then when we bought our wedding rings a couple weeks before our wedding she was able to get them shipped in on time. Again, I couldn't be happier with the service or price. Highly recommend.

Janet Snider

March 4, 2019

Leslie is an expert! She makes difficult decisions easy. It's been a pleasure working with her every step of the way!!

Candace Strickland

November 7, 2018

I had a loose emerald and really no idea what I should do with it. I shared my thoughts for this special stone and Leslie shared with me some ideas...and I LOVE my circle diamond pendant with my stone sitting nicely inside the circle! It’s a timeless piece my family and I will enjoy for generations to come. Now what should I do with those blue sapphires?

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Nedj A.


Leslie is AMAZING! If you're looking for an engagement ring/wedding band, LOOK NO FURTHER. Somehow fate brought me to her one day when I attended a...READ MORE

Dominic L.


Working with Leslie was wonderful. I purchased my wife's engagement ring and my wedding band from her. She did a great job teaching me the 4 C's (cut,...READ MORE

Melinda M.


Our entire family has used leslie for many years. You can trust her! And her prices are reasonable and comprehensive. She handles estate sales and has a...READ MORE